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1. Preamble: ... ... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... .... .... ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ..... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... 3

2. Statutes ... ... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... .. ... ... ... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... ... ... .... ... ... ... .... .. .... ... 4

Chapter I: The CREATION, the nomination, the acronym and.

Of the SIEGE ... .... ........ .... ... .... ................ ... ... ... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... ... ... .... ... ... ... .... .. .... ... 4

Chapter II: Objectives and duration of the period .... ... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .. 4

Chapter III: Commitments and principles to be observed .... 5

Chapter IV: Members of the CCDFW ... .... ... .... .... ... .... ... .... .... .... ... .. 5

Section I: Categories of members, ... ... .... .... ..... ..?.. .... ... ... ... ........... .... .... .... .... .. 5

Section II: Conditions of accession, withdrawal and exclusion .... ... .... ......... ... 6

Section III of the rights and obligations of the members of the CCDFW ... .... .... .... .... 6

Chapter V: Organs, functioning and their ... ...

Attributions ... ... ... .... ... .... ... .... .... ... .... .... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ..... ... .... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... ... 7

Chapter VI: Of the resources of the CCDFW .... ... .... .... .... ..., and. ... .... 15

Chapter VII: Of the MODE of ETABLISSEMEMNT of accounts ....

Annuals ... ... ... .... ... .... ... ... .... ... .... ... ... .... .... .... .... .. ... ... ... ..... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... ... .... .... .... ... ... ... 16

Chapter VIII: Of the disciplinary regime ... .... ... .... ... .... .... ..?.. .... .... .... .. 16

Chapter IX: Of the revision of the present statutes ... ... .... .... .... 17

Chapter X: Final and Transitional provisions .... ... .... 17

1. Introduction

Driven by the desire to create a sustainable agreement for cohesion and stable coordination in order to promote the Congolese community established in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas;

Aware of the capacity of all Congolese and Congolese to work together for their well-being, without discrimination of age, sex, ethnic origin, political affiliation or religious belief;

Given the need to unite us on the basis of belonging to the Congolese nation in order to defend our interests together;

We, a Congolese resident in the metropolis of Dallas/Fort Worth, have decided to create a "vehicle" of solidarity, agreement, fraternity and mutual support that will be governed according to the provisions of these statutes.

2. Statutes

Chapter I: The CREATION, the nomination, the acronym


Article 1

1.1 It is established in 1982, in DFW, by the citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a non-profit Association called the Congolese community of DALLAS/FORT WORTH, in the acronym "CCDFW"
1.2 is defined as "national" any person originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or born of a Congolese parent.

Article 2

The CCDFW Association has a principal head office located temporarily at [a complete] and several secondary seats.

Article 3

On the decision of the General Assembly, this head office may be transferred to a completely different location in DFW territory.

Article 4

The secondary seats correspond to the place where the pools are located.

Chapter II: Objectives and duration

Article 5

The CCDFW has set the following objectives:

• Collecting and consolidating within it-by means of identification and/or general and regularly periodic census-the citizens of the DRC residing in DFW;
• Represent the members of the CCDFW with the U.S. official authorities and institutions;
• Defending and preserving the interests of its members;
• Promote and encourage solidarity and mutual assistance among its members residing in DFW, as well as populations living in or outside the country;
• Facilitate agreement, collaboration, cohesion among its members, through the organization and participation in social, cultural or scientific activities;
• Provide assistance and facilitate the social integration of its members;  Promote culture and values

Article 6

The CCDFW Association is created for an indefinite period of time.

Chapter III: Commitments and principles to be observed

Article 7

The CCDFW makes a commitment to respect and scrupulously observe the Constitution and the laws of the United States, on the one hand, and the Constitution and Congolese laws in the event that they have been developed in accordance with the virtues of a Republica, on the other hand.

Article 8
The CCDFW must observe the following general principles, for its functioning as a non-profit Association, namely:
• The apolitical nature of the CCDFW Association
• The secular character of the CCDFW Association;  Respect for individual values and freedoms;
• The uniqueness of the CCDFW.

Chapter IV: Members of the CCDFW

Section I: Categories of members

Article 9
The CCDFW comprises three categories of members within it, namely:

• Effective Members
• Honorary Members
• Sympathetic members
Article 10
is an effective member, any natural person from the DRC who has elected permanent domicile in DFW/TX/USA and who, by a signed deed, adheres to these statutes.
Article 11
is a member of honour, any natural or legal person of Congolese or foreign nationality who, either not fulfilling the conditions of membership of the CCDFW to be included in the class of effective membership, nevertheless agrees to support the latter Morally, intellectually, materially or financially; Either is appointed as such by the Chairman of the Steering Committee on the decision of the GA because of its recognized public notoriety, but also because of its various interventions in favour of the CCDFW.

Article 12
is a sympathetic member, any natural or legal person who, for his motives and convictions, has an admiration for the objectives and cause of the
Section II: Conditions of membership, withdrawal and exclusion

Article 13
Membership in the CCDFW is free and open to any natural or legal person claiming to fulfil all the conditions required by these statutes in this matter.

Article 14
The withdrawal of the CCDFW is free and must be notified.

Article 15
Any member of the CCDFW may be subject to exclusion in accordance with the procedure laid down in these Articles of Association and rules of procedure under the disciplinary regime.
Section III: Rights and obligations of members of the CCDFW

Article 16
It is recognized to any effective member of the CCDFW:
• The right to attend meetings, with the right to vote;
• The right to claim any function within the CCDFW;
• The right to enjoy the advantages and benefits offered by the CCDFW;
• The right to receive assistance and assistance from the CCDFW;
• The right to obtain and hold a membership card from the CCDFW.
Article 17
Any effective member of the CCDFW has the obligation to:
• Participate in the meetings of the CCDFW with voix deliberative;
• Contribute to the expenses for the operation of the CCDFW by the regular payment of its contribution;
• Respect and enforce the statutes, the rules of procedure and the organs and decisions of the CCDFW;
• Promote solidarity, understanding, cohesion, mutual respect among members, with regard to the customs of our culture;
• First use the CCDFW Board of Directors to resolve any conflict with its compatriots;
• Refrain from any act or behaviour tending to disturb the CCDFW's good March.

Chapter V: Organs, functioning and their

Article 18
The organs of the CCDFW are as follows:
• The General Assembly
• The Board of Directors
• The Steering Committee
• Pools
• Commissions
Article 19
The General Assembly (GA)
The GA is the supreme body of the CCDFW which brings together all the members in a large ordinary or extraordinary meeting depending on the case and the urgency.

Article 20
The ordinary GA is held once by Quadrimester. It is usually convened and chaired by the Chairman of the CCDFW Steering committee or by the Vice president in case of impediment.
Article 21
In the event of a conflict within or involving the Steering Committee, it is the dean of the Board of Directors who, in common agreement with his pair, has the power to convene and chair the GA.

Article 22
The extraordinary AG is held as many times as possible in emergency for specific situations. It is usually convened and chaired by the Chairman of the CCDFW Steering committee or by the dean of the Board of directors in case of problems involving the Steering Committee.

Article 23
The ordinary GA shall be convened at least 15 days before the date of its holding.

Article 24
The decisions of an AG are made in proportion to the majority of the voting participants. They are sovereign and opposable to all.

Article 25
The functions of the GA are as follows:
• Design and determine the guidelines for the operation of the CCDFW;
• Amend these statutes and the rules of Procedure;
• Ensure the proper application of the statutes and the rules of procedure of the CCDFW;
• Create the committees or working groups responsible for specific dossiers for appropriate solutions;
• Elect the members of the Board of directors, those of the Steering Committee and those of the various committees;
• Approve/Amend/amend the balance sheets and management reports or activities report or the minutes of the CCDFW submitted by the Steering Committee or by the committees;
• Determine the range of contributions, the manner of collection of the said contributions and their maturity;
• Dissolve the CCDFW;
• Decide on the fate of the assets, assets and finances of the deceased CCDFW;
• Provide for disciplinary measures and penalties to be taken against the accused or wrongful members;
• Designate one or more liquidators of assets, assets and finances.
Article 26
The Board of Directors (CA)
The Board of Directors is the administrative and guidance body for the benefit of the CCDFW.
It exercises certain powers conferred on the GA but whose relevance or specificity requires appropriate treatment made in a small group of members with a certain technicality or experience.

Article 27
1. The Board of Directors proposes solutions to the conflicting problems posed by the members or bodies of the CCDFW.
2. The Governing body must therefore find friendly and fraternal regulations and arrangements in conflicts between the members at first instance before the parties concerned may, possibly, seize justice.
3. Ensure the careful and correct application of the statutes of the Association by all members;
4. Reflect on the evolution of the Association which may lead, for example, to the creation, merging or deletion of pools according to the needs of the community;
5. Exercising the recognized responsibilities of auditors and internal audits;
6. Issuing advisory opinions on certain dossiers entrusted to it by the General Assembly, the Steering Committee, the Committee or the Assembly of a pool;
7. Convene the extraordinary general meeting in the event of amendments to the statutes of the CCFDW in accordance with the procedure for amending statutes;
8. Convene the elective general meeting in the event that it is not convened by the Chairman of the CD three months before the end of his term of office;
9. Receives and reviews complaints from members of the Association against All persons in a position within the association in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down.

Article 28
The Board of Directors is not in its remit:
1. To engage or represent the Community with third parties;
2. The administration and management of the CCDFW;
Article 29
The board consists of at least ten (10) members, supposedly walls, intellectually seasoned and with proven and credible experience in both their societal, family and professional lives from our country.

-Holding of meetings
The Board shall meet according to the timetable adopted by its members or at the request of the Steering Committee in case of necessity.

Article 31
-Conditions of eligibility of board members
These members are eligible for a term of two years renewable once.
shall be elected member of the board of directors, the person meeting the following conditions, in addition to those of an effective member, inter alia:
• Be a legal resident in the United States for a period of less than the term;
• Be responsible for the family, at least forty years old;
• Hold an academic title of the degree of Licence (L2)/Bachelor of an accredited institution or demonstrate experience
Professional at least 20 years old;
• Do not belong to any political current;
• To submit a complete application dossier with CV and attachments to the Electoral Commission on invitation from the Election Committee after proposal by effective members of the community
Article 32
The Steering Committee (CD)
The Steering Committee is the Executive Body of the activities of the CCDFW. It is headed by a president or Vice president in case of absence from the first. He holds his meetings according to the timetable he will choose.

Article 33
The Steering Committee is responsible for managing the activities of the CCDFW on a daily basis. As such, it is responsible for:
• Represent the Association with public authorities and third parties;
• suing;
• Develop the Association's budget forecasts;
• Keep the budget in receipts and expenditures of the CCDFW;
• Propose to the GA the amount and date for the contribution;
• Propose to the GA the amounts to be allocated to the financial assistance of the members entitled and in case of necessity;
• Implement the decisions of the GA;
• Organize, convene and direct meetings of the GA in regulatory time;
Article 34
-The composition of the Steering Committee the Steering Committee shall consist of:
• 1 president
• 1 V/Pdt
• 1 Secretary General
• 1 Legal Adviser
• 1 Secretary Office of Finance
• 1 Secretary responsible for social and integration  1 Secretary responsible for culture and education
• 1 Secretary responsible for public relations and communication
Article 35
-Conditions of eligibility of the members of the Steering Committee
The President and the Secretary-General are eligible in AG. The remainder of the Steering Committee members are proposed by the Pdt of the CD but approved by the GA by a written and secret vote.
Article 36
Conditions for the eligibility of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Secretary General of the CCDFW Steering Committee. They are as follows:
• Meet the requirements of the actual members;
• Be a legal resident in the United States for a period of less than the term;
• Have lived in DFW for at least 5 years;
• Have never been convicted by a court in the USA or elsewhere
• Be at least holder of a graduate Diploma (BAC + 3/Associate) issued by an institution approved by a legal government;
• Have the control of French, English and also one of the official languages of the DRC: Lingala, Kikongo, Swahili, or Tshiluba;
• Be at least 30 years of age;
• Having honorably contracted a marriage: Congolese, religious and/or civil customary and be a credible home manager;
• Demonstrating competent and incorporate leadership, without political, philosophical, ethnic or religious colours;
• Submit, for adoption by the GA, its programme of activities (Chairperson-candidate only);
• Proving professional experience in the field of private or public administration of at least 3 years (candidate Secretary-General only)
Article 37
The term of office of the Steering Committee members is 3 (three) years, renewable once;

Article 38
-Responsibilities of the Chairman of the Steering Committee
He is the coordinator of the entire executive unit of the Association. As such, it assumes the following main functions:
• represent the Association outside;
• Convene and chair meetings of the Steering Committee;
• Oversee and co-ordinate the activities of its Committee members;
• Convene and chair meetings of the General Assembly;
• Engaging the Association with third parties;
• Proposing to the General Assembly the suspension or revocation of a member of the Steering Committee or of a member of the Association;
• Open disciplinary files against collaborators or offending members of the Association;
• Implement the decisions of the General Assembly and those of the Steering Committee;
• Order the expenses of the Association to be signed with the finance Secretary of the Steering Committee or its replacement;
• To extricate from the community any language and any behaviour that is tribeacon, segregationist or exclusive.
Article 39
Pools are the basic communities of our Association. They are the equivalent of the "Cities" (USA) or Common (DRC).

Article 40
The pools are composed of:
• Pool Assembly (AP)
• Pool Committee (CP)
The pool assembly brings together the inhabitants of the pool. It exercises the same prerogatives as those of the CCDFW AG, but at the local/Pool/City/commune level.

Article 41
Pool Assembly assignments:
• Ensure the proper application of the statutes of the Association, particularly at the local level;
• Elect, under the leadership of the Electoral Commission, the Chair and members of the Pool Committee;
• Create work commissions to study problems or issues of interest to the pool and in relation to the needs of the pool;
• Make decisions on various subjects subject to its authority and within its Pool;
• Approve the minutes of its meetings;
• Approve the items on the agenda of its meetings;  Approve the Pool Committee's program of activities;
• Approve the activity reports of the Pool Committee.
Article 42
The Pool committee is the executive Body of the community, playing locally the same role as the CCDFW Steering Committee.
It consists of at least 5 members including 1 head of Pool, 1 Secretary, 1 Treasurer, 1 social Affairs adviser, and 1 culture and information adviser.

Article 43
-Creation of the pools
The pools are created by the AG on the proposal of the CD.

Article 44
Pool committees are eligible for a three-year term, renewable only once, by their assemblies following the conditions:
• Fulfilling the conditions for the effective members
• Have lived in the entity for at least three (3) years
• Be married (president only)
• Being 30 years old (pool leader only)
• Demonstrate competence, integrity
• Be a holder of an academic title or professional experience of at least 3 years
• present a program of activities in front of the pool assembly (pool leader only)
• Submit an application file to the Electoral Commission
Article 45
The responsibilities of the Pool committee include:
• Implement the decisions taken by the Pool assembly;
• Keep and manage the Pool crate;
• Manage the daily life of the local community at the Pool level
• Organize meetings and other socio-cultural activities within the Pool;
• Collect contributions from its members in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Association's steering committee;
• Ensure the priority implementation of decisions/directives emanating from the Community CD;
• Convene and chair meetings of the Pool assembly.
Article 46
-Responsibilities of the head of the Pool Committee:
• Represent, if necessary, the Pool at certain meetings or activities organized by the Community Steering Committee;
• Convene and chair meetings of the Pool assembly;
• Lead and oversee the activities of the Pool Committee;
• Order the pool expenses he countersigns with the pool Treasurer;  Convene and chair the meetings of the Pool Committee.
of the Commissions

Special Commissions (CS)

Article 47
47.1 creation of special commissions
Special Commissions may be created by the GA or on proposals from the
The Board of directors or the local assemblies.
47.2 Special Commissions Assignments
The role of the Commissions is to deal with specific dossiers entrusted to them and to present the results of their work to the decision-making bodies from which they emanate.
The foreseeable commissions include the following:
• The Audit board,
• The Commissions formed by the pools
47.3 duration of special commissions
Special commissions have a temporal character defined by the nature of the tasks to be performed. Because of this, their duration cannot exceed four months.

Article 48
The Audit Committee
The Audit board shall be responsible for verifying the regularity of the management of the finances and assets of the CCDFW both at the level of the Steering Committee and in the pool and to report it to the members of the CR for action or for possible actions

Article 49
If necessary, the GA may establish other specialised committees with regard to the specificity of the problems

The electoral Commission

Article 50
The Electoral Commission is a standing committee of the CCDFW. It is elected by the General Assembly for 3 years renewable and cannot contain more than five members.
It has the essential task of organizing and supervising the elections of the community.
As such,
(a) It shall ensure the application of the conditions for admission of applications and the eligibility criteria provided for in these statutes and the rules of Procedure. (b) It publishes the deadline for submitting applications and holding elections.
She summons the electoral corps and chairs the election sessions.

Article 51
The electoral Commission is composed of five (5) members whose
• 1 Pdt
• 1 V/PDT
• 1 Secretary-Rapporteur
• 2 Assessors
Article 52
-Eligibility Requirements
The members of the Electoral Commission shall be eligible under the following conditions, in an AG convened for this purpose these are the following conditions:
• Fulfilling the requirements to be an effective member
• Hold an academic title for the president and Vice President
• Be at least 30 years old
Chapter VI: Resources of the CCDFW

Article 53
The resources of the CCDFW are made up of:
• Contributions and Legacies;
• Sales products and or revenue generated by the paid activities organized by the CCDFW
• Miscellaneous endowments and grants and loans
Article 54
The resources of the CCDFW are provided for in its annual budget, while the assets are recorded in its inventory

Article 55
The funds of the CCDFW are kept in bank but cashed by the Secretary of Finance at the central level, by the local treasurer at the level of the pools
Article 56
The Chairman of the Steering Committee is the general authorising officer of the CCDFW.

Article 57
At the end of each fiscal year, the Secretary of Finance and the treasurers of the pools draw up the balance sheet of the management of the funds, releasing the results they present to the General Assembly.

Article 58
The exercise of all functions within the organs of the CCDFW is not remunerated. However, as far as possible, gratuities may be granted if the cash permits.

Article 59
The accumulation of functions within the organs of the CCDFW is not permitted.
Chapter VII: The MODE of ETABLISSEMEMNT of accounts

Article 60
The Finance secretary responsible for the management of the financial accounts of the CCDFW, under the supervision and authority of the Chairman of the Steering Committee.
It shall act on the assets, all income and expenditure in a year, while at the end of the civil year the general situation of the accounts of the CCDFW during the year considered as a balance sheet. The result is postponed again to the next year.

Article 61
The accounting year is from January 1 to December 31 of each year.
In the event that the date of adoption of these statutes does not coincide with that of the beginning of the financial year, so on 1 January, the accounting year in this case, starts from the date of adoption until 31 December of the current year

Article 62
The balance sheet of the CCDFW is presented by the Chairman of the Steering Committee to the GA, who takes note of it with a view to a possible recommendation to the Board of directors.
Chapter VIII: Disciplinary regime
Article 63
The proceedings, the procedure and the scale of disciplinary sanctions of the CCDFW shall be settled by the provisions of these statutes and by the Rules of Procedure

Article 64
The law of defence is sacred and guaranteed at all levels of the disciplinary procedure, as is the case for remedies.

Article 65
Depending on the severity of the fault, the scale of penalties includes:
• Reprimand
• The blame
• Temporary suspension from 1 to 3 months
• Final exclusion
Article 66
The procedure of all these sanctions can only be initiated after having exhausted all the channels for an amicable settlement of the problem by the Board of Directors
Chapter IX: Revision of the present statutes

Article 67
67.1. The revision of these statutes is in the competence of the GA, which decides by a majority of 2/3 of the actual members present. This revision cannot be taken before a year from the date of its adoption, with the approval of the board before switching to the GA.

67.2(1). The initiative of its revision shall be to the Steering Committee and to the effective members who shall enter in writing the Board of Directors which shall convene the statutory GA.

Article 68
These statutes are supplemented by an internal regulation of the CCDFW.
Chapter X: Final and Transitional provisions

Article 69
The GA may decide on the dissolution of the Association and the designation of the liquidators thereof.

Article 70
The assets and assets of the dissolved association are awarded to a philanthropic association.

Article 71
Any matter not covered by these statutes shall be submitted to the General Assembly.
Article 72
Articles 34, 35 and 36 of these statutes shall enter into force only from 1 September 2018.

Article 73
These statutes shall enter into force on the date of their adoption by the 2/3 of the Members present in the GA and whose list in the annex is authentic.

So done at DFW, the 27/06/2016