Hi CCDFW Members.

As part of the mission assigned by its founders of our organization, which has the primary mission of promoting the welfare of the Congolese in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our leadership has been engaged in the conceptualization and execution of various programs aimed at achieving this mission.

Inspired by the “each one, teach one” model, we have been thinking of using the potential we already have, whether experts, professionals or someone with some expertise in any field to inspire and guide others to find their way and evolve in our host country.
This program is called “Road Map to Success”. It is led by Mr. Patrick Nawazkhan.

Mr. Patrick is a Congolese well integrated into the American society, He had a remarkable journey in “Corporate America” ​​and decided to join the leadership or our community to share his experience in leadership and management for the benefit of all.

We hope that many like him would extend their hand of association so that together we can benefit the members of our community of your expertise, in a well organized and structured environment.

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For those who need help finding guidance or advice on how to be successful in this land of opportunity.

We can put you in touch with mentors that would lead you through the path to success.

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What is ROADMAP to Success?

ROADMAP TO SUCCESS In French and Lingala Patrick Nawazkan interview with CONGOPROMO TV